Be part of a miracle. Angels needed!!!

Be part of my world. Together we can create miracles.

My name is Lance and I have Autism.  

Do you like coloring?  Playing?  Music?  Fun?   I want you to be my friend.   YOU could change my life and who knows… I might change yours too.

Lance’s Son-Rise program is seeking volunteers who exude energy, excitement and enthusiasm.   For mere commitment of 4-6 hours a week, you could make a tremendous difference in a little boy’s life.   Training is provided.  No prior experience necessary.  If you have an open heart and a loving, accepting attitude, this could be your opportunity to make a real difference in Lance’s life and even your own.   Son-Rise principles are used as a play based therapy that will help Lance learn to make eye contact, use language in a meaningful way, and build relationships.

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn more about Autism and be a part of Lance’s Son-Rise© program!

Call Thalia at 512-535-5594 or email her and learn how you can  interview to become a volunteer.

Want to more learn more about Lance and his treatment program?

For more information on Son-Rise© see


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