Lance is a warm, vivacious, six-year old boy.  Aside from his quirky sense of humor and infectious laugh, Lance is known for his warm hugs and loving nature.  Lance loves music, coloring, riding his bike, swimming and playing with his adorable twin sister.  His parents describe him as a miraculous blessing and say he has made them better people.   Those who know Lance say he is an incredible kid who perseveres despite all obstacles and touches the hearts and minds of all who are fortunate enough to know him.

Lance has Autism.   Though he can use language, he struggles to communicate and is often frustrated  trying to make himself understood.   Lance responds to his name, greets others, and is often friendly and pleasant to be around, but he lacks the social skills that come naturally to other children.   Aside from his twin sister, Lance has no friends in his peer group.   Eye contact and appropriate social interaction are incredibly difficult for Lance.  He has little understanding of social norms.  He doesn’t know how to participate in basic games or how to play pretend with friends.   Lance has learning delays and while he knows his alphabet and basic letter sounds, he can’t read or write beyond the level of a three year old.  Lance needs our help.

In December of 2011, Lance’s parents attended the Start Up training for The Son-Rise Program® at the Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, Massachusetts.  There they learned about an exciting approach to Autism and connecting with these amazing children.

The Son-Rise Program® is an educational treatment modality that includes joining children instead of going against them.  The Son-Rise Program® believes that respect and deep caring are the most important factors impacting a child’s motivation to learn, and from the beginning have made love and acceptance a meaningful part of every teaching process. Once rapport has been established, teaching techniques are used to help the child develop.
The Son-Rise Program® helps build a relationship between you and the autistic child.
The program teaches to:
– Establish a warm, interactive rapport with your child.
– Implement effective educational techniques.
– Enable your child to move beyond repetitive “stimming” behaviors.
– Move through challenging behaviors (such as tantrums or hitting).
– Become a confident teacher and advocate for your child.
– Motivate your child to learn–and to enjoy learning.
– Optimize your child’s learning environment.
– Jump-start speech and language development.
– Relax and have fun–without giving up what you want for yourself and your child.
– Recruit and train a team of volunteers and helpers.
– Find a sense of peace and comfort with your child’s present challenges.
– Create and sustain an attitude of hope and optimism about your child’s future.

Would you like to be a part of Lance’s Son-Rise© miracle?   Contact Thalia at 512-535-5594 or email her at tmseggelink@hotmail.com to find out how you can volunteer.

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