Son-Rise© Program – Resources and Training

DVDs to watch

Books to read

Webinars to watch

  1. Autism Solutions – Intro film 55 minutes – also on DVD
  2. Raun Kaufman – Breakthrough Strategies for Autism Treatment 1hr 28
  3. William Hogan – High Functioning Autism/Aspergers – 1 hr 30 minutes
  4. Raun Kaufman – Decision Making in the Playroom – 50 minutes
  5. Kate Wilde – Games & Activities for Son-Rise Programs – 19 minutes

Youtube Blog Posts of Possible Playroom Activities – Senior Son-Rise© teachers demonstrating possible games and activities in the playroom (dozen to click on on right hand side)

Written blog posts from Son-Rise© teachers (click by theme on the right)

Optional books to read

  • Son-Rise the Miracle Continues (autobiographical account of the Kaufman’s recovery of Raun, followed by 5 other Son-Rise© success stories)
  • A Miracle to Believe In (autobiographical story of Kaufman’s work with the first autistic child after Raun)
  • Happiness is a Choice and To Love is to be Happy With (books by Barry Kaufman that articulate the underlying philisophical basis of the Son-Rise founders)
  • PowerDialogues (philosophical and instructional handbook for doing OptionProcess Dialogues, a tool developed by the Kaufmans to support people in creating more happiness in their lives)
  • Giant Steps (autobiographical description of the Option Dialogue process in use with several young people)

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